Thursday, May 19, 2011


Project 9 is about the tensile testing of engineering materials, scanning electron microscope and the composite material processing. 

As for the tensile testing of engineering materials, project 9a, we learnt that different materials have different microstructures, which directly control their different mechanical properties. Therefore, testing and knowing the mechanical properties of these materials is important for engineers to select the right material for the right application. We test the breaking point of some materials and learn to calculate things like the tensile stress, tensile strain, % elongation, young's modulus, ultimate tensile strength, ductility and toughness. 

During the scanning electron microscope(SEM), project 9b, we used a virtual SEM instead of the actual SEM due the cost of repair is case of damage. The virtual SEM resembles the actual SEM, in the buttons and the level of reality, that being, if the electron microscope would get damaged, the virtual SEM would also get damaged. In other words, we learnt how the electron microscope is operated and how it works!

In project 9c, the composite material processing, we learn about composite materials. A composite material is a combination of 2 or more materials. It has desirable properties which only can be obtained by this combination of materials, rather than one material alone. After learning the theory of composite materials, we went ahead to create our own composite material, carbon fiber! Carbon fiber is much stronger and lighter than steel and is used in bicycles, planes, tennis racquets, etc. 

*At the moment, it is still curing. A picture will be uploaded when it is cured. 

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