Thursday, May 19, 2011

Our Gains

Project A :
The project on the tensile strength of engineering materials has taught us a much deeper application of physics. We learnt in-depth formulas, such as the tensile stress, tensile strain, % elongation, young's modulus, ultimate tensile strength, ductility and toughness. With these formulas in mind, we tested the tensile strength of various materials from different material groups, namely metals and polymers. We learnt to calculate these data and we also learnt about terms such as engineering strain, instantaneous strain and instantaneous length. We were taught how to use the Universal Electro-mechanical Tester Series 5560. 
We could apply the things we learnt about tensile strength of materials, so that whenever we design or build any structure or appliance, we would know exactly which material to chose from with no doubt that it would fail.

Project B :
This project is about the SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope). From this project, we were able to operate the SEM! However, virtually. Anyway, even though the SEM was virtual, it was pretty similar to the real thing. It was realistic in the sense that it had failure points where when the current to the filament generating the electron beam would blow. We learnt the operational controls which would make a successful SEM reading.
From this project, we could apply the careful operations we learnt to use the optical microscope better.

Project C :
The project taught us about composite materials. Our understanding of it has deepen by a whole lot more. Composites are Combining two or more materials to obtain useful properties. We also learned the three things that make up a composite ;matrix, fibre and sometimes filler. Next, composites are very useful as they would be cheaper, lighter, stronger, favourable properties, relatively easy to shape. Due to these, the composites now are heavily researched on to find a better solution for all current materials now. Lastly, we learned the process of curing carbon fibre.

From these skills and knowledge about composite materials, we can apply these probably in our school work like projects, presentations and even homework. For the skills, we can use the skills as we might have to do some experiments in the lab hence we are able to do it. We will also appreciate the things around us that we used to ignore that are made of revolutionary composite materials.

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