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Plenary session 1
This presentation provides a rough sketch and a rough representation of one of the world’s problem. I have learned the importance of water in this presentation. The problem of unclean, dirty water and not proper sanitation. This issue is not small. 1.1 billion people have no access to clean water and 2 billion people are at risk of water related diseases. Water found in SIngapore is clean and water here is easily available. However not every where else is like that. In some places, there is water but not clean, worst of the worst, in some places there is not even water or proper water. Hence, we should do all we can to save water. A simple thing of using a mug for brushing teeth every morning can help to save a lot of water. Therefore, we should start thinking about the others not as fortunate, ways to help and also take part in helping.

Plenary session 2
The revolution of Microelectronics Technology has affected mankind in every single way. For transportation, communication, mobility and even for miscellaneous. The invention of the transistor in 1948 at Bell Laboratories was the turning point in history of microelectronics technology. The from the word microelectronics, I would derive micro means small like micro organisms and hence, it means tiny and micro sized electronics Using microelectronics, transistors were invented. The numbers of transistors in a computer or device, the faster it is, now with mini-transistors. Mini-transistors is to become an integral and essential part and would revolutionize all electronics technology. The main key point is that there are nine area for research. They are the nine “o”, bio, radio, auto, info, nano, water, audio, video and energy. For electronics, until you do it, you never know your limits.

Plenary session 3
Nano technology would enable us to pursue the impossible and the unthinkable. Nano technology, as its name, means small, till nano meter (nm). Nano technology, will help us to create miracles and do the impossible. In the past, the thought of shrinking the whole library of congress into a small sugar cube, now possible with quantum dots which are at nano size and able to store information. Next is the detection of cancer cells when it is at the beginning stage, just when the virus is only few cells in numbers. This cancer detection is currently being worked on and we might even succeed. In the future, we may even create a cheap, light and plastic solar panel to aid in the conservation of energy. With all these possibilities and problems, the nano technology would be able to do the impossible and solve all these.

Plenary session 4
IT computer animation. This is predominantly used in computer games, cartoon, movies and special effects. There are many different types of animation like traditional animation and 3 D animation. Computer animation can also be used for other purposes like education and skills training. This talk mainly only focuses on two animation methods the stop motion capture and the traditional drawing. The stop motion capture means taking pictures of 24 frames a second the moving the object you are taking to the position you want it to be in. Traditional drawing is just drawing it out, colouring it and then scanning it into the computer.

Plenary session 5
The earth is very important to us. We were created here and we evolved here, that is why we have to know our planet about how it roughly functions and what is happening to it. This talk about geography, is very engaging and I liked it the most. I found out that geodesists is someone who studies the earth and its topography, but there are geodesists who specialises in a specific area. The talk, was focusing in sea level, melting glaciers and plate tectonics. The glaciers, being so massive in size, it has its own gravitational pull, making water attracted to it and making the ground sink a little. When it melts, the gravitational pull is lesser so more water is released into the sea. However, the water level rising is not constant throughout. The flooding seas are dangerous as it might even put a whole city under water. Therefore, we should all protect the earth and stop global warming.

The biggest impact.....
Among all the plenary, I found the plenary session on environmental engineer the most interesting and intriguing to me. When I grow up, I would want to be an environmental engineer. This area of being innovative, creative and what’s more, the freedom of thoughts has made me intrigued. I want to take part in saving the world. I want to take part in this battle!